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As a company, VIJAYSHREE FANS & COOLERS PVT.LTD is an organization that is finely tuned to the demands of providing innovative solutions that meet customer needs as rapidly as possible. Rather than adopt a traditional corporate structure and then try to retrofit operations to suit such a preexisting structure around the nature of its operations, providing maximum efficiency and strict workflow control.

Focused on meeting customer requirements flexibly and efficiently, Sunny Coolers workflows commence with careful surveys to understand these requirements, and then proceed to manufacturing, marketing, and sales, as part of a comprehensive and tightly integrated workflow.

With an experience of over two decades in the sphere of this business, the company has set a benchmark of excellent quality. We are very much familiar with the needs of the clients that enable us to produce products of great standard and within stipulated time span. As our inception in the business, our main aim of producing such products has been to fulfill the requirement of our patrons.

The entire range of the products offered by our company is benchmark for its quality standard and very innovating design. With exclusive and innovative solution of the company, we have marked place for ourselves in such competitive market.

VIJAYSHREE FANS & COOLERS PVT.LTD is only company who manufacturers Sunny Coolers. Trade mark registration no 1140012 & 1196163. Be aware of copyrights both brand names are registered.

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