Air Coolers
By on May 4th, 2020 in Air Coolers

Air Coolers – The Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions

The soaring temperatures bring a set of problems with them including a fall in productivity, a rise in temperament and health issues. In the present era of global warming, the temperature in various parts of the country stays beyond normal, sometimes shooting up to 50-degree celsius. It is, therefore, no more a choice but a compulsion for the people to look for ways to take care of themselves during the unbearable summer heat.

It is common for people especially for people who come from the economically weaker sections to resort to natural ways of cooling including refreshing drinks, ice-creams and other eatables, using umbrellas, headcover, etc. One of the most cost-effective ways of keeping yourself cool without causing a big blow to your pocket is air coolers.

There are multiple types of air coolers available in the market these days ranging from portable air coolers to jumbo air coolers. These coolers are available in various sizes. You can buy the most appropriate one suiting your requirements and budget from a good cooler manufacturer in Indore. Air coolers are budget-friendly in comparison to air-conditioners. In fact, they are actually efficient ways to maintain the soaring temperatures at home or in the office.

Air coolers operate on the straightforward principle of evaporation. So, rather than using chemicals or refrigerants to chill an area, air coolers use two natural elements to supply cooling – fresh air and water.

Air coolers cool the space the way sweating cools your body. Water vapour is introduced into the air, which raises humidity and lowers the temperature. This is often a really ancient method of cooling. Traditional Indian homes and villages used porous earthen vessels crammed with cool water to make a pleasing indoor environment.

Since the tactic is straightforward, an air cooler doesn’t incorporate complicated machinery or special chemicals to figure. All this leads to lower operating costs.

India may be a warm country where temperatures frequently go above normal range, which is why cooling is important. However, conventional cooling methods like air conditioners and ceiling fans have limited effects or are expensive to run.

The easy to operate solutions (air coolers) do not require a big investment when it comes to repair or maintenance. They require very little power as compared to ACs and do not shoot up the electricity bills, thereby making air coolers the perfect cooling solutions.