Best Coolers in the Market
By on April 9th, 2022 in Air Coolers

An Efficient Guide to Choose the Best Coolers in the Market

Summers in India are really troublesome.. We are always on the lookout for cooling options to get some form of relief from this rising heat. These are several cooling appliances that become our best friend during the long summers. One of those comfort options are air coolers.

Air coolers are the most cost-friendly options to give us a respite in this dry season. These are easy to maintain, use, eco-friendly, efficient for indoor and outdoor needs, etc. If you are looking for a relief in this scorching heat, you should search for the best coolers in the market.

Factors to consider when choosing the best coolers in the market

It is tough to make an informed decision with so many options available on the market. The following characteristics should be considered when choosing among the best coolers in the market.

Room Space:

Whether you are looking for an air cooler to cool your room or office cabin or your dining area or sitting room, you need to figure out the size of the cooler you require. To decide on a cooler size, you first need to determine the room size since an air cooler will cool a specified area. A small cooler will be inefficient in cooling up a big room. You should choose a cooler with high CFM (cubic fan per minute) for a large room. It is the amount of air that the fan will blow per minute. Low CFM = Small room & vic-e-versa.

Tank Capacity:

Your search for the best coolers in the market will lead to coolers with different tank capacities. The tank capacity you need will also depend on your room size. Tanks which are larger in size provide cooling for longer hours. You should also look for a cooler that has an auto fill feature to avoid having to get up in the middle of the night or in the middle of a project to replenish the water tank. You will be comfortable with the coolers that provide cooling the entire night without the need for re-filling stops. Also, the water pump of your chosen cooler should have longer shelf life and should be compatible with hard and soft water conditions.

Dust Filter:

Another thing you should look for when purchasing a cooler is the dust filter feature. This will enable your cooler to filter the dust from the air in the environment.

Finally, when selecting the best coolers in the market, you should consider the characteristics listed above. You can also choose other important features like the anti-mosquito feature, ice chamber, etc.