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By on March 9th, 2020 in Air Coolers

Factors To Consider When You Buy Air Coolers

With numerous brands and models available to choose from, people always tend to be confused regarding which air cooler would be best for his or her home/surroundings. If the air cooler bought isn’t as per the wants, you’d lose out money on some not so usable air cooler.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a list of factors that you must consider before buying the appropriate type of air coolers. 

Size is the key

Depending upon the dimensions of the space and height of the ceiling, you should purchase the appropriate type of air cooler. If your room is spacious and large, then choose an enormous sized cooler and if it’s a little and comfy room, a comparative smaller cooler would do the needful.

Reliability is a must

With a good number of the cooler manufacturer in Indore, it is challenging to zero down upon the best one. People tend to shop for coolers which are cheap and are of a reliable brand. When it comes to air coolers quality matters as much as the quantity, you must choose a trusted cooler manufacturer – the one who has higher ratings. The type or the brand of cooler must have usefulness along with reliable performance. Also, a number of cooler manufacturers provide long-term warranty along with keeping your equipment safe and secure. They also provide with the after-sales services in terms of repair and maintenance facility. 

Features which suit your needs

Different air coolers have varied features but for effective cooling air coolers should have certain essential features. The water-soaked cooling pads are considered to be the one which evaporates the warmth and supplies cool air. Ensure to have a honeycomb cooling pad within the air cooler as they have a tendency to supply maximum cooling. Also, the cooling pad thickness should be taken into account. There should be a couple of speed options to manage as per the climate. Water level controllers are again a feature to be checked out as they assist in fixing the water level and avoid water to seep out. 


At last, choose an air cooler which most accurately fits your budget. Taking an air cooler which is budget-friendly as well as environmentally friendly is going to be a way more feasible option as that might not consume much electricity also.

After in-depth research and feedback from the near and dear ones, you can find a good cooler for yourself which can make your life hassle-free within the summertime.