By on March 19th, 2016 in Air Coolers

How to Buy the Right Air Cooler for Your Home?

Summers are approaching fast and this could be the perfect time to buy a new air cooler for your home. Air coolers are relatively cheaper to purchase and maintain if you are going to compare them with air conditioners. There are many good options when it comes to choosing the best Air Cooler in Indore and you must ensure that you consider the following tips to get yourself Best Coolers in Indore.

  • You have an option to choose from air coolers, desert coolers and portable air coolers. If you are looking for a cooler for bigger areas like living room and drawing room, then you have to go for desert cooler. They are one of the Best Coolers in Indore and offer you good performance for the price.
  • Pad thickness plays a vital role in the cooling as it collects the water that is pumped by the motor through which the fan sucks the outer air. The pad must have thickness of about 90 mm minimum.
  • The fan motor should have variable speed settings so that you will be able to control the throw of air according to your liking.
  • Most of the new age coolers come with automatic water level controller. This maintains the water level inside the tank and prevents the possibility of flooding.
  • The cooler must also have an option to switch off the pump. This will come handy at the time of repairing and maintenance.
  • Though remote control is not a necessity, but if you want to purchase a cooler that has all the control on remote, then you could find Air Cooler in Indore with that option.

Air coolers also have many advantages over air conditioning system. The biggest advantage that you have with the air cooler is cost effectiveness. They are really affordable and you could find a model that suits your needs and fits your pocket. As they are also energy efficient, you don’t worry have to worry about your electricity bill even if you are going to use them for the whole day. They consume 10 times lesser electricity than the air conditioners. They are also environmental friendly and emit very low CO2 which is toxic as compared to air conditioners. As they use fresh air from the environment, you can be sure that the oxygen levels inside the room are also circulated.

If you are looking for Best Coolers in Indore, then call us today. We have coolers for every need and requirement and we offer best quality and warranty on the same.