Jambo and Tower Coolers
By on April 9th, 2020 in Air Coolers

Jambo and Tower Coolers for More & Elevated Cooling

With summers being around the corner, it is already a matter for worry for home and business owners to look for solutions to keep themselves cool. Regardless of how cool your drink is or how good your fan works, when the temperature soars high, you’ve got to possess something extra to chill off your body. Seeing the alarming condition of worldwide warming, it’s good to be responsible and purchase air coolers which are way more economical and eco-friendly than air conditioners.

Air coolers, today, are far more efficient and smart than they were earlier. Moreover, you’ll find several types of air coolers for various cooling requirements. Whether you would like a portable cooler, window cooler or desert cooler, the market has all of them. Cooler manufacturer in Indore offers a wide range of air coolers to beat the warmth in the best way possible. 

For a large room or facility, Jambo and tower coolers are suitable especially if you want to experience the cool air at an altitude.  Tower coolers with a sleek and compact design manage to provide air from an elevated point, unlike other air coolers. The capacity may differ though, the performance won’t.

Each air cooler is carefully designed, using the foremost advanced technology, to satisfy the aim of efficient cooling. Alongside compact design, there is fully closing louvres, water level indicator, honeycomb cooling media to set the direction of the wind without any hassle. 

The easy controls allow you to control the speed and direction of the air, leaving no stone unturned to know that you are feeling comfortable. The Jambo and Tower air coolers are a great value for money given their economic price and performance. Their sleek and compact design makes them an ideal choice for little areas or maybe corners where big coolers or other sorts of air circulation systems don’t get a slot in.

Such coolers include a powerful fan and aluminum motor to ensure that the good air stays for the longest possible duration. The huge tank capacity gives uninterrupted cool air for an extended duration without taking the trouble of refilling the tank again and again. 

Jambo and tower coolers offer amazingly cool, clean and breathable air, covering the simplest possible area, to make you and your loved ones comfortable. The tower cooler serves your purpose multiple purposes being reliable, movable, efficient, environment-friendly and classy.