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By on June 15th, 2020 in Air Coolers

Know The Difference Between Different Types of Cooling Pads Before Buying Coolers From Air Cooler Manufacturers in Indore

It is a very common question of every buyer before buying an air cooler for home or commercial place if they should buy wood wool pads or honeycomb pads. If you are planning to buy an air cooler for a large space area or commercial place, cooling pads play a large role to maintain cooling in your space. Here you will know the difference between both of them.

Water Retention:

Wood wool cooling media doesn’t retain much water. The incoming air is cooled only through evaporation of water on the wet wool and therefore the water flows down into the cooler’s tank. As compared, honeycomb air cooler pads are made up of composite materials and have a design almost like a honey beehive. Due to this, honeycomb cooling pads can retain water a bit like a hive contains honey. So, when the air is pulled through the pads, it’s cooled down faster thanks to the water retained within the chambers of the cooling media. In both cases, the standard of the cooling media also matters. High-quality honeycomb cooling pads will certainly provide better cooling than the wood wool cooling pads.

Durability and maintenance of air cooler cooling pad:

A common wood wool pad will need replacement after one season, but for extensive use – like during a shop or hospitality establishment – may require two or three changes per season also. On the other hand, honeycomb cooling pads, once installed, will provide cooling for 3-5 years before needing replacement.

As noted above, in terms of maintenance, wood wool cooling pads are not reusable after seasonal use but you’ll wash away minerals and debris from honeycomb cooling pads to take care of their cooling efficiency. Gentle washing with a hose from time to time does the work.

So, these are the differences between the two types of air cooling pads used in air coolers. In terms of cost, initially, the honeycomb cooling padded coolers are costlier than wood wool pads. But once you consider the long life of honeycomb cooling pads and therefore the frequent replacement required by wood wool pads side-by-side, the general cost evens out.

Before buying coolers from an air cooler manufacturer in Indore it is good to explore and learn the difference between the cooling pads too to ensure that you do not compromise in your comfort.