By on March 8th, 2016 in Air Coolers

Portable Air Cooler Troubleshooting: When You Should Replace The Exhaust Fan?

Air coolers are probably the most used equipments at this time of the year when summer is going to be at its peak in Indore. Although, if your cooler is new and is fairly well maintained, then it is not going to give you any trouble for years to come. But if you have an air cooler that is more than 4-5 years old and if you have tube well water that has more calcium content in it, then it might cause the fan motor and the water pump to develop some or the other issues over time.

Portable Air Cooler in Indore can be repaired easily and you are not going to have much of a problem looking for options if you want to replace your old unit with a new one. Many of the new age coolers are compact and come with warranty on their equipments that are more than of one year or so. The biggest advantage you have when you buy a Sunny cooler, is its ease of maintenance and sustained performance. Our coolers have a simple design mechanism that allows you to open the side panels and clean them with ease. So if you want to clean the pads of the cooler before the start of the summer, then all you have to do is to remove the latch and slide the side panels down.

Ideally, the exhaust fan of an air cooler must last you for a really long time, provided that you get it serviced on regular basis. Most of the time, air coolers have simple maintenance tasks performed on them as DIY and this exposes them to lot of vulnerabilities. If you have any issues with your air cooler, then always call up the expert and get the unit checked by them. Ideally, you must get the air cooler unit checked before the start of the summer season and once the season gets over, get it checked again before you store it for months.

Sunny coolers have always been associated with quality and trust. We are absolutely committed to delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers that they can truly depend on. If you are looking forward to Buy Portable Air Cooler in Indore, then you can get variety of range with us for business, offices, and home. As our coolers come with warranty, you can be sure that they give your trouble free performance for years.