Best Coolers in Indore 2022
By on April 2nd, 2022 in Air Coolers

Things to know to select the Best coolers in Indore 2022

The long summer months become unbearable to tackle without the relief provided by the cooling appliances. The humidity in the atmosphere makes it hard to go through even the daily tasks of the day. Be it your office or home, it becomes a necessity to change the inner temperature of your room or cabin to get respite from the scorching heat. 

The thought of getting an AC can send chills down your spine just by thinking about the high electricity and purchase expenses. Investment on air coolers on the other hand is less expensive and they involve less electrical consumption. Among several air cooler brands and numerous types, it is difficult to select the most effective one among the best coolers in Indore 2022.

Important things to know before selecting  among the best coolers in Indore 2022

Below are some things you should be taking into consideration before selecting among the best coolers in Indore 2022 for both residential and commercial use. 

  • Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads convert the hot air into a cool breeze by absorbing the water. Focusing on the thickness of the cooling pads is an essentiality. The thicker a cooling pad is, the more cooling it will provide. 

  • Water Tank Capacity

Today, there are several brands providing advanced coolers with high water tank capacity. This is an important feature that should be taken into account before making a purchase. A cooler with a water tank capacity of up to 65 to 70 litres is useful in providing efficient cooling overnight. 

  • Airflow

Airflow capacity refers to the amount of air circled into a room. To determine the airflow capacity you need, you should first determine the room you will use the cooler in. If the space is bigger, you will need a cooler with high airflow capacity and vice-versa. 

  • Portable

Your choice of the cooler should be based on your use. For example – If you will need to continuously move the cooler around, you should select a cooler with high portability i.e. one that is lightweight, has wheels, etc. 

  • Energy Efficient

Air Coolers are generally preferred for their energy efficiency and cost saving features. But when purchasing an air cooler you should figure out the most energy efficient model in your budget and then finalise it. You can determine a cooler’s efficiency by its power consumption rate and other advanced features such as dust filters, auto drainage, temperature display, humidity regulator, remote control, etc.