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By on September 9th, 2020 in Air Coolers

Tips For Better Cooling From Air Cooler Distributors in Indore

The evaporative cooler also called a swamp cooler, is known for a lot of positive things. As a cost-effective cooling solution, the machine will help you to save a lot during the summer months.

Even though it is a highly affordable solution, the air cooler can effectively reduce the ambient temperature and keep you and your household in a comfortable state even when the summer heat hits its peak.

The machine can also improve the humidity in a dry climate. While the ability to add moisture to the air is beneficial in dry climates, it is a disadvantage in a humid environment. In fact, the swamp cooler is not efficient in a highly humid climate.

Even as it is considered a highly effective machine, there are ways you can get more from the air cooler.

Through some simple changes, you can make the device colder and more efficient. We will discuss some of the most helpful tips here to enable you to get the best out of your evaporative air cooler.

Use the Appropriate Size of Air Cooler in the Right Space

  • When you use the wrong size of evaporative air cooler in any space, it will be wasteful one way or the other.

  • When you use a small unit in a big space, it will be overworked and still fail to deliver adequate cooling.

  • A unit that is too large for a given space will not be optimally used and this will amount to lose too. Be sure of the size of the air cooler you need for a given space and invest in it for efficient cooling.

Let the Cooling Pads Get Wet Before Running the Fan

  • The actual cooling happens at the cooling pads of the swamp coolers. The pads hold the water that causes the air to enter the swamp cooler to cool before being blown out.

  • Getting the pads wet before running the fan system of the evaporative cooler helps to ensure that the machine delivers cold air immediately it starts blowing.

  • The pads may take 15 minutes to get adequately saturated for efficient cooling

Use Clean, Cold Water Always

  • The sort of water you use can have a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your evaporative cooler and its overall condition. It is always better to use clean water to avoid sediment buildups.

  • It is also better to use cold water always. It is wrong to assume that since hot water evaporates more readily, it will make your machine more efficient.

  • Coldwater from your kitchen sink will be the most ideal for efficient cooling.

Trusted air cooler distributors in Indore always advise you to keep maintaining your air cooler machine because they believe in good customer relationships. Buy the best air cooler this summer. Good luck!