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By on April 23rd, 2020 in Air Coolers

Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Air Coolers

Air coolers are an everyday phenomenon for people during summers. Many of us not just have one but multiple air coolers at home. Be it a cooler or any other home appliance, all of them require proper maintenance to ensure they do not fall apart.

To make your air cooler more efficient and durable, we bring to you a complete guide for maintaining air coolers so that you get the best cooling solutions.

1) A smooth airflow is vital for cooling. It’s also important to have good ventilation within the space to push the humidity out. So in an attempt to do the present, you’d wish to open windows within the space. 

2) The only place to position your air cooler is right in front of the window. The air cooler sucks in the hot air and blows out the cool air. Try to set the cooler at an appropriate position and do not move it frequently. 

3)  Every cooler has a water storage tank with differential capacity. To ensure that the cooler functions properly, add the right amount of water. In fact, ensure that your cooler has the appropriate amount of water at all times, in case the water cooler runs out of the water then it could lead to the burning of the water pump fitted inside. Adding an excessive amount of water can lead to water wastage and can cause the rusting of the metal surface.

4) When you take an old cooler out of a storeroom, make sure that you clean it properly. Painting the surface of an old cooler with oil paint to prevent the rust to make it last longer. Further, ensure that you do not miss out on getting it checked by a professional electrician so that there is no problem in terms of a spark in any part of the cooler when you finally turn it on. 

5) It is vital to know that placing a cooler on uneven platforms, moving air coolers when on and interfering with the rotary blades, results in quick wear and tear of the air cooler and can reduce its durability. 

With summers being around the corner, ensure that you make the most of your air cooler be it a portable air cooler in Indore or any other type of air cooler. Make sure to handy tips for quick and efficient cooling solutions!