Air Cooler Distributors In Indore
By on January 12th, 2023 in Air Coolers

Who Are The Top Air Cooler Distributors In Indore, India In 2023?

Are you looking for a trusted air cooler brand to invest in for your residential or commercial properties? Selecting the trusted air cooler distributors in Indore, India can help ensure that the air coolers you choose are efficient, runs long, and offer super cool air.

Find out who the most trusted air cooler distributors in Indore, India in 2023 is, but before that let’s see what makes an air cooler a better choice than air conditioners.

Who Are The Best Air Cooler Distributors In Indore, India?

Sunny Coolers is the most trusted manufacturer of top-quality air coolers and air cooler distributors in Indore, India. Wondering why? Here are the top features and qualities of Sunny Coolers that make them the best in the market.

  • Sunny coolers are the most reputed air coolers brand in Indore that manufactures superior quality air coolers. The efficiency and durability of these air coolers are known around Indore. Sunny coolers come in a wide range of models that differ in size, volume, and cooling capacity.
  • Elite, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Honeycomb, and Jumbo are the 5 different ranges of air coolers available at Sunny Coolers. Different sizes and capacities are available in these varied ranges. Very air cooler manufactured by Sunny Coolers has its advantages, specialities, and is made to fulfil different requirements of a customer.
  • Elite has the smallest size of air cooler available with a dimension of 36” x 18” x 18” (HxLxW). Air vent for these air coolers is 15×15 inches with a cooling capacity of 150 Square Feet. While, the Jumbo range of Sunny Coolers has the biggest air coolers available. This range of the air cooler has the dimension of 57” x 27” x 26” with air vents of 30×30 inches and a cooling capacity of 450 Square Feet. The smaller sizes of air coolers are perfect for an average room while the larger capacity air coolers will work wonders at a large premise such as a party hall.
  • Sunny coolers are the top air cooler distributors in Indore, India that has high-powered air coolers with features such as an excellent air throw and a four-way air deflection. The air coolers also have three settings for adjusting the speed of the cooler’s fan from high to medium to low. The cooler delivers superb cool air with the 1800-3000 m3/h of air approximately.
  • The air cooler functions quietly and is equipped with an antibacterial tank. It implies next to no mould growth or bug reproduction within the tank. Sunny Coolers is also popular as the top air cooler distributor in Indore, India because their range of coolers is inverter-compatible, allowing you to feel the cool air even during power-offs. The cooler may be easily connected to any pipe via the autofill water inlet, and the water level can be monitored via the water level indicator glass.
  • Consequently, the body of our air coolers is built to last you years and can efficiently cool huge rooms such as ceremony halls. The cooler’s three-tiered layer of protection protects it from collecting dust or insects within the tank.
  • The honeycomb range offered by Sunny Coolers is yet another reason for this brand to be the best air cooler distributors in Indore, India. This range of air coolers is equipped with a honeycomb cooling pad and dust-resistant netting on all three sides. The item weight is not even a problem due to the portable wheels beneath.
  • Due to their heavy-duty capabilities, Sunny Coolers products have long been a topic of conversation. Sunny Coolers has introduced a high-performance air cooler with optimum cooling options, once again exceeding consumer expectations. This cooler’s max cool technology and cooling medium provide powerful cooling. Even more impressive is the fact that this Sunny air coolers cost only minimal, making it one of India’s most inexpensive air coolers.