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By on April 2nd, 2021 in Air Coolers

Air Cooler Distributors in Indore Helping You Understand Why You Must Choose An Air Cooler Over An AC

Air coolers and air conditioners are the most known machines when it involves keeping homes and office space cool. They’re most helpful during summer and offer several advantages like improved comfort and improved productivity in workplaces. Since they’re primarily used for identical purposes and share some similarities in terms of look and method of operation, many erroneously assume that air coolers and air conditioners are the same. Even the names sound quite similar and lots of can’t tell the difference between the two. The truth, however, is that air coolers and AC differ significantly. Besides the actual fact that they’re both modern machines used for combating heat, there are worlds of differences between the two machines.

The Difference Between the two

If you’re wondering why the discussion on the difference between the two air cooling solutions then you’ve probably not aware of the growing concerns of AC. It also means you’re not tuned in to the various advantages air coolers have over air conditioners.

The most important difference between air coolers and AC is the way they operate.

  • The method of operation of the two machines differs significantly; while the air cooler uses a process referred to as evaporative cooling, an AC uses a man-made process referred to as air compression.

  • The air cooler works by absorbing warm air from the environment, passing it through cooling pads that are always saturated with water, and blowing out the resultant cool moist air to the area that must be cooled.

  • This process is normal and is completed by the few main parts of the machine namely the fan system, water pump, and cooling pads.

  • Air conditioners, on the other hand, work by absorbing the warmth from indoor air and releasing it outside, resulting in cooler and drier air.

  • This is achieved by the use of chemical refrigerants that constantly flow through a series of tubes or coils set up in a very loop that connects the indoors to the outdoors.

  • Air coolers constantly soak up the fresh air and deliver cooler and moist air after passing it through the cooling pads while air conditioners recycle the same air within the room, removing heat and moisture from them and delivering colder and drier air.

These are the basic differences between an air cooler system and AC. Everyone knows that AC is not budget-friendly but that is a different matter if you are planning to install a machine in your space that provides you cool and healthy air. Buy only an air cooler from top air cooler distributors in Indore. Choose the best wisely!