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Portable Swamp Coolers

All About Portable Swamp Coolers


In today’s time, there are different devices that may be employed for making the environment cool. Many of us make use of AC and there are individuals too who consider power saving and select unusual tools that assist in decreasing…

Evaporative or Desert Air Cooler

All About Evaporative or Desert Air Cooler


An evaporative or desert air cooler is a machine that cools air via water evaporation, also called as desert, swamp and wet air cooler. It is an electrical machine which is employed in tremendously hot and arid environment. It is…

best air cooler in Indore

Desert Cooler In Indore Will Give You Relief In This 43°C Temperature


This year, summer is breaking all the previous records of hotness and humidity. The temperature is reaching up to 43 and 44°C. This high temperature is not only making day to day life really uncomfortable and sweaty, but it is…

Portable Home Air Cooler In Indore

Evaporative air cooler is good for your health as well as environment

Summers are here and if you are still not equipped to beat the heat then it is time to start looking for available options to stay cool and relaxed. When it comes to summers and effective solution to stay cool…