Evaporative air cooler is good for your health as well as environment

Summers are here and if you are still not equipped to beat the heat then it is time to start looking for available options to stay cool and relaxed. When it comes to summers and effective solution to stay cool and keep your home or office cool, then air cooler is the first and most popular choice. Besides, today a number of options and choices are available when it comes to air coolers and evaporative air cooler is one of the available choices.

Let’s try and learn about this type of air cooler. Evaporative air cooler are also termed as desert coolers or swamp coolers. It is an effective way of keeping your home or office cool; they provide some additional benefits to your health as well as environment. These coolers are so called because they are powered by the natural evaporation process and don’t rely on huge amounts of chemical based coolants and electricity.

With all of the environmental benefits and energy savings, these coolers can decrease your indoor temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. These coolers use about 25% of the energy used by a central air unit or AC. Even the most complicated household evaporative air coolers use 60% less energy than the other available options. Some evaporative coolers like Sunny Coolers are perfect for people with allergies.

These coolers draw exterior air inside the house. Before the air is circulated, it is cooled by evaporation. This process provides a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air, unlike ACs that recirculates the same air. Evaporative coolers supply moisture into dry indoor air, enhancing humidity while decreasing the temperature of the air. This type of air coolers are perfect for people with respiratory problems, allergies etc.

In addition to health benefits and environment benefits, these coolers are also easy to maintain and are very reasonably priced. For more details contact, Sunny Cooler– the best Evaporative Air Cooler company in Indore.