By on May 21st, 2016 in Evaporative Air Coolers

Desert Cooler In Indore Will Give You Relief In This 43°C Temperature

This year, summer is breaking all the previous records of hotness and humidity. The temperature is reaching up to 43 and 44°C. This high temperature is not only making day to day life really uncomfortable and sweaty, but it is also causing some health issues. As a result, it has become important to use some cooling methods and avoid problems like dehydration and heat stroke.

One really effective way to keep everyone in your family is by using desert and evaporative cooler in Indore. This type of cooler is everyone’s preferred choice and assists you decrease the temperature inside your home up to huge extent, helping you keep cool and sweat free. Besides, there are a number of desert cooler suppliers in Indore, so getting a cooler of your choice, in your budget is a lot easy and straightforward.

Evaporative air cooler Indore works on a natural process, which is water evaporation along with a simple, reliable air-moving system, in order to produce effective cooling. The process is very simple, the fresh outside air is being pulled through moist pads where it gets cooled by the evaporation and then the cool air is circulated through a building or house with the help of a huge blower. This then helps in reducing the outside air temperature by a maximum of 30 degrees.

Desert coolers in Indore are already very effective because the outside air it draws is dry and same to that in a desert. They are perfect in climates where the air hot and humidity is low. This type of cooler actually can provide homeowners with huge savings because of the low electricity consumption. Moreover, as compared to an AC, this air cooler is lot cheaper and can still give you the same level of coolness in a same sized area. Also, you can find coolers in a number of sizes, so you can easily buy one according to the area size that you want to cool.

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