By on May 27th, 2016 in Air Coolers

Reasons To use Evaporative Air Cooler For Commercial Purpose

When it comes to buying commercial cooler in Indore, making a choice can be really difficult, because no business owner wants to compromise with the comfort and efficiency of his employees. But, today more and more office owners are using evaporative air cooler for commercial purpose. This may sound strange because we all are used to personal evaporative coolers.

The concept of commercial air coolers and the coolers that you use in your home or residential air coolers is same. The only difference in the two is in the size of the unit and the area it can cool down. Furthermore, the evaporative coolers used for commercial purposes need good quality durable body, generally made of strong metal with durable wet pads and heavy pumps. They are effective in providing spot as well as area cooling fast.

Air coolers in office

It is believed that to work productively in office, you need to have a room temperature of approximately 23-24 º C, the failure to maintain this temperature decreases efficiency of the employees. But, in Indore the need to cool down the room temperature is felt just for a few months. Therefore, installing costly, energy consuming ACs is unnecessary.

The three important things that commercial facilities consider in an air cooler are speed, portability and price. The evaporative air cooler is a popular choice for commercial uses as compared to ACs, they are economical and suit well in ventilated places like factories and workshops.

Features of commercial coolers

The commercial coolers in Indore have powerful motors and premium pads. The pads are made to give extra protection against hazardous pollutants and excessive cooling. The throw of these coolers is large as they are made to cool large areas. Usually they are fitted with heavy wheels so you can easily move them from a section to another. The diameter of the fan and the water retention capacity is more as compared to personal coolers.

These are made of high quality durable metal and provide years of service and maintenance. The great part is you can get them customized according to your needs.

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