Cost Of Air Cooler In Indore
By on January 18th, 2023 in Air Coolers

What Is The Cost Of an Air Cooler In Indore?

Air coolers help you beat high heat with ease. You get to enjoy cool air within your homes and offices with ease. Air coolers have always been the number one option to cool homes without worrying about extra costs and electricity. However, recent innovations have led to an increase in the cost of air cooler in Indore

So, are you wondering about the average cost of an air cooler in Indore? Let’s help you with the information here.

What Is The Average Cost Of Air Cooler In Indore?

Finding the most appropriate air coolers for yourself can be difficult. Different models of air coolers have different cost of air cooler in Indore. This means you will have to research properly if on budget or looking for the perfect air cooler for home. Find the information on the average cost of air cooler in Indore here.

Here is the cost of the air cooler in Indore based on cooler type.

Cooler Type Min Price Max Price
Desert Rs 2199/Piece Rs 11000/Piece
Portable Rs 7500/Piece Rs 10000/Piece

  • The prices of an air cooler may differ depending on the design or style of the air cooler, features they offer, the technology they use, and additional services offered.

Here is the average cost of air cooler in Indore based on material:

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 4,150 – ₹ 6,800 ₹ 4000 – ₹ 7100 14 L

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 3,804 – ₹ 7,800 ₹ 3600 – ₹ 7600 21 – 30 L 

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 4,500 – ₹ 9,400 ₹ 7000 – ₹ 12000 40 L 

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 5,500 – 8,700 ₹4.500 – ₹ 9,000 50 L 

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 5,800 – ₹ 10,800 ₹ 3,500 – ₹10,000 80L

Metal Air Coolers Plastic Air Coolers Tank Capacity
₹ 6,100 – ₹ 11,000 11,000+ 90L

Are Air Coolers More Cost Effective Than Air Conditioners?

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and endure rising temperatures, it is essential to have a device that can combat heat. Now, you may wonder, “Should I purchase an air cooler or an air conditioner?”. Air coolers are a better choice for the environment and for you, but are they a more cost-effective choice when compared to air conditioners? 

Yes! Air coolers are more cost-effective and better alternatives to air conditioners. Here are a few primary advantages of air coolers that will make you want to contact the best air coolers in the market instantly.


A/C units are still regarded as a luxury due to their high cost. Most homes cannot afford to purchase and maintain an air conditioner. Hence, air coolers are a more affordable option for you.

Electricity Consumption

A 1.5-tonne air conditioner consumes 1.2 to 1.5 units per hour on average. In contrast, a cooler consumes no more than 0.2 units of energy. Consequently, air conditioning uses around 85 per cent more electricity than air coolers. 

Air Quality

This may come as a surprise to many, but air coolers offer superior air quality than air conditioners for your space. Because an air conditioner repeatedly circulates the interior air, the air dries out. However, air coolers draw fresh air from the outdoors, so significantly improving the air quality.

In conclusion, air coolers are inexpensive, utilise less electricity, and improve air quality. What more could we want? Oh yes, it efficiently combats the heat! Time to contact trusted air cooler distributors in Indore right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of air cooler in Indore?

The cost of air coolers in Indore per unit of Air Coolers ranges mostly between 5,300 and 16,500. These are indicative values derived from the prices of popular products.

Are air coolers better than air conditioners?

Air conditioners are cooler than air coolers but are the most cost-effective. Air coolers are a fantastic option for individuals on a tight budget, as air conditioners consume more electricity than air coolers.

Is cooler beneficial for the lungs?

Because evaporative cooling increases humidity, air coolers improve breathing, particularly in arid climates. If properly maintained and cleaned, its pads also function as excellent filters, reducing the entry of airborne pollutants into the lungs.